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Big Questions outakes and process zine

Image of Big Questions outakes and process zine


For the signing I did in Brooklyn at Desert Island Gabe asked me to put together a small zine or print to have as a giveaway with the book. I told him he was crazy, I had no time and wasn't a six hundred page graphic novel and 30 city book tour enough. Geez. And then about a week before I left I got inspired and decided he was right, what a good idea. Wasn't he surprised when, with no time to spare I sent him a 24 page zine of outtakes, process pages and various other related material that wasn't published anywhere else. And I demanded that he print the cover in color. And he actually got it done. Bless that man. This is the result.
Included are images of some matchbooks I made to go with issue #3 and the strip I did during a workshop at the DH Lawrence ranch in 1996 that includes the first appearance of the birds anywhere ever and the germ of the story that would eventually turn into BQ. And a bunch of other stuff. 24 pages, on newsprint, 7" x 8.5".